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What is this about? Well, this is about the trip we took around Clarke Quay which is about Geography and History. It mostly features the bridges around the Singapore River, the river itself, and the exhibits and artefacts we have seen in the Ancient Civilisations Museum.

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SouthEast Asia Artefacts

Southeast Asia Artefact 1: Traditional Dress used for Important Ceremonies

Minangkaban Men's Ceremonial Dress
- 19th to Early 20th Century
- Used by the Minangkaban men to show important information about his role and responsiblities in society: Like Husband, Uncle, Or Father.
- This artefact can be considered to have advanced towards modern society as people still wear traditional costumes, but just not that much.

 Southeast Asia Artefact 2: Makara Processional Vehicle
Makara Processional Vehicle (Nangka Wood, Ornament Zinc, Brass and Copper Plates)
-Date Unknown
-Used in important Ceremonies in North Malay Penisula
-There is no advances in its usage to modern times as people are not that supersitious anymore, and so lesser religious ceremonies are carried out in urban areas. Even if they were carried out, it would be in more rural regions. And so the sight of this is very unlikely. And some governments might not allow these types of ceremonial props to be displayed due to safety issues and also the safety concerns of the ceremony.

SouthEast Asia Artefact 3: Malay Bronze Cannons
Malay Bronze Cannons
- 17th to 19th Century
- Used in sea battles, this can be inferred from its description that the Portuguese reported the capture of many cannons at Melaka in 1511 and in 1521, Pigafefta reported seeing them in Brunei on Magellan's historic voyage.
-Advances in th artefact include the military canonns used in tanks and battleships nowadays, which are an advancement to them.