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What is this about? Well, this is about the trip we took around Clarke Quay which is about Geography and History. It mostly features the bridges around the Singapore River, the river itself, and the exhibits and artefacts we have seen in the Ancient Civilisations Museum.

Who are we? I am the group's so-called "Leader", Jun Hui, Roy's my assistant, and my other two group members, Ilya and Isaac, no offence to you guys, but I tried my best to give you guys work to do. Not going to hide it, but I think Roy's a big credit. :)

We hope you enjoy this blog, and certainly hope that you would take the chance to learn more, even though we might not be as good as some of the other blogs that you all prefer more, as we're running l0w on budget, manpower, and we have uber tight schedules.

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Jun Hui

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Friday, March 25, 2011

Brief Itinerary Of What Supposedly Happened On That Day

What happened on that day (Not exactly accurate) : Roy and Jun Hui
10.54: We reach and try to take a group photo
11.00: We finally take the group photo
11.02: We debate on where to go
11.07: We take a panaromic video on Coleman Bridge
11.10: Starts moving to Parliment House
11.16: Reaches Elgin Bridge after taking photo at Parliment House
11.28: Reaches Raffles Statue and takes a picture to commemorate moment
11.33: Reaches Ancient Civilisations Museum, takes pictures
11.40: Reaches ACM's interior
11.50: After short break, start moving again
11.56: Starts inspecting gallery.

Doccumentation stops here, but here's the main idea. We spent around 1 hour plus waiting for our third member Isaac, to come, but by the time we met up with him, we were finished. We took a picture outside the Anderson Bridge, the last stop of the day.

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