First Post Of This Blog: Please start reading here and nowhere else.

This is the starting of this blog. Yeap, if you see this as you first start it, then you are at the right post.

This post is dedicated to you juniors and whatever stalkers that may seem interested in a blog like this? Yeah, this is part of our E-Learning journey just for YOU~~~~

What is this about? Well, this is about the trip we took around Clarke Quay which is about Geography and History. It mostly features the bridges around the Singapore River, the river itself, and the exhibits and artefacts we have seen in the Ancient Civilisations Museum.

Who are we? I am the group's so-called "Leader", Jun Hui, Roy's my assistant, and my other two group members, Ilya and Isaac, no offence to you guys, but I tried my best to give you guys work to do. Not going to hide it, but I think Roy's a big credit. :)

We hope you enjoy this blog, and certainly hope that you would take the chance to learn more, even though we might not be as good as some of the other blogs that you all prefer more, as we're running l0w on budget, manpower, and we have uber tight schedules.

Ok, signing off now.
Jun Hui

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Group Reflections

Here is our combined Reflections.

I found that this project was interesting from my end as I got to research about the history of the Singapore river which I didn’t know anything about it’s history and how it was cleaned up. I was not able to show up on site at the Singapore River as my parents did not allow me to leave the house. I faced some challenges from my end as I was quite under informed and I could only work by using Google Maps. I contributed by making the route for the other members on site to use for navigation between the two bridges and to ACM

I found that although I was not present at the museum, after receiving the information on the artifacts by my group leader, I came to realise how interesting the Chinese history actually is during the course of my work. I was mainly involved in churning and summarising information for the chinese artifacts. Challenges included me not being able to be present during the collection of data as I lost my way. I was eventually "found" and assigned my task. Other challenges were that since my information came in the form of pictures, those that I was required to transcribe often came in weird angles and blurry shots. I overcame these by talking to a teammate to better my understanding in the subject and give reasonable summaries.

I found that the trip was very enjoyable as we were able to bond together by debating together and solving the problem of which direction to head to to reach the museum. However, there were some challenges we had faced for the rest of the task. Some of which included some people not attending the trip to the museum or able to do much work. I feel that if the group could improve in one area, I feel that the group should improve in our time management, so that we would be able to have done more work in that amount of time used as well as plan out the distribution of tasks better and to better explain the task details and instructions to those who were unclear.

Jun Hui:
I found this trip to be very informative as I did not know much about the Singapore River at first, then after walking along the Singapore river, through our debates not only among our team, but also collaborating with other students, I found this place to be more interesting than it had seemed at first. But the whole project was not without problems. Initially, when the task was first given out, we were all behind time and it was very hard to establish our work with our groupmates, some could not go, some came late. In the end, only Roy and I were really on-site and doing the work. I felt that more time management could be kept as technically 3 days I feel is not enough to have finished the blog, and I had hoped that my team members would actually put in more effort in their work. Maybe it is because I as a leader might not have given really clear instructions as I was not very sure of things, but honestly, some people really didn't give a thought about this project at all.